What Causes List Problems?

Stop Errors are caused by missing files that are required to run applications or corrupt registry structure. Below are the most common:
0000000a 0000004e 0000009c
000000ab 000000c2 000000d1
000000ea 000000f4 0x0000
0x000000 0x0000000 0x00000000
0x000000000 0x00000001 0x00000002
0x00000003 0x00000004 0x00000005
0x00000006 0x00000007 0x00000008
0x00000009 0x0000000A 0x0000000b
0x0000000c 0x0000000d 0x0000000e
0x0000000f 0x00000010 0x00000011
0x00000012 0x00000013 0x00000014
0x00000015 0x00000016 0x00000017
0x00000018 0x00000019 0x0000001a
0x0000001c 0x0000001d 0x0000001E
0x0000001f 0x00000020 0x00000021
0x00000022 0x00000023 0x00000024
0x00000025 0x00000026 0x00000027
0x00000028 0x0000002c 0x0000002d
0x0000002E 0x00000030 0x00000032
0x00000034 0x00000035 0x00000038
0x0000003a 0x0000003b 0x0000003c
0x0000003d 0x0000003e 0x0000003f
0x00000040 0x00000041 0x00000043
0x00000044 0x00000046 0x00000047
0x00000048 0x0000004a 0x0000004c
0x0000004d 0x0000004e 0x0000004f
0x00000050 0x00000051 0x00000054
0x00000055 0x00000057 0x0000005a
0x0000005c 0x0000005d 0x0000005e
0x00000060 0x00000064 0x00000067
0x00000069 0x0000006b 0x0000006e
0x0000006f 0x00000070 0x00000071
0x00000073 0x00000074 0x00000075
0x00000076 0x00000077 0x00000078
0x00000079 0x0000007a 0x0000007B
0x0000007c 0x0000007d 0x0000007e
0x0000007F 0x00000080 0x00000082
0x00000083 0x00000084 0x00000085
0x00000086 0x0000008a 0x0000008b
0x0000008c 0x0000008d 0x0000008E
0x0000008f 0x00000093 0x00000096
0x00000098 0x00000099 0x0000009a
0x0000009c 0x0000009e 0x0000009F
0x000000a0 0x000000a1 0x000000a4
0x000000a5 0x000000a7 0x000000aa
0x000000ab 0x000000ae 0x000000b1
0x000000b4 0x000000b7 0x000000b8
0x000000ba 0x000000bb 0x000000be
0x000000c1 0x000000c2 0x000000c4
0x000000c5 0x000000c7 0x000000c9
0x000000ca 0x000000cb 0x000000cd
0x000000ce 0x000000cf 0x000000d0
0x000000D1 0x000000d3 0x000000d4
0x000000d5 0x000000d6 0x000000d8
0x000000da 0x000000de 0x000000e0
0x000000e1 0x000000e2 0x000000e3
0x000000e4 0x000000e7 0x000000e8
0x000000e9 0x000000EA 0x000000eb
0x000000ED 0x000000f4 0x000000f5
0x000000f7 0x000000fa 0x000000fb
0x000000fc 0x000000fe 0x000000ff
0x00000100 0x00000101 0x00000102
0x00000103 0x00000109 0x0000010b
0x00000116 0x00000119 0x00000123
0x00000124 0x0000012a 0x00000135
0x00000142 0x00000154 0x00000218
0x0000021a 0x000003e3 0x000003e8
0x00000402 0x00000407 0x0000041D
0x00000428 0x0000043c 0x00000457
0x0000045a 0x000004C5 0x00000641
0x00000643 0x0000064c 0x00000652
0x000006ba 0x000006be 0x000006D9
0x000006F6 0x00000BC2 0x00001112
0x00001190 0x00001234 0x0000142
0x00001449 0x0001 0x00010101
0x00010105 0x0002 0x0003
0x0004 0x0005 0x0006
0x0007 0x0008 0x0009
0x000A 0x000C 0x000D
0x000F 0x0010 0x0011
0x0012 0x0014 0x001C
0x0020 0x00200000 0x0022
0x0024 0x00240004 0x0034
0x0040 0x00401000 0x0041
0x0050 0x0055 0x007B
0x009a96bc 0x00c896bc 0x00ed3e2c
0x00FF 0x0120 0x0700609c
0x2753a7d0 0x2d828acd 0x2d830cbc
0x30cb0d60 0x370036b4 0x4000008A
0x5a00c8b4 0x5ad71531 0x62304390
0x6c371351 0x71ab664d 0x73dd11c7
0x745f2780 0x7470b439 0x75bc7140
0x774fed65 0x77c46fa3 0x77c47fd4
0x77ea0202 0x77fcb21d 0x7c884f9c
0x7c90100b 0x7c901010 0x7c9100c8
0x7c910193 0x7c9105f8 0x7c9106c3
0x7c9108b3 0x7c9108d3 0x7c9109f9
0x7c910cae 0x7c910f29 0x7c91103c
0x7c9111de 0x7c91142e 0x7c911669
0x7c9118d0 0x7c911e58 0x7c911f6c
0x7c918fea 0x7c91b1fa 0x7c93426d
0x7e2a5951 0x7e2a59c1 0x80000007
0x800004005 0x80004001 0x80004002
0x80004003 0x80004004 0x80004005
0x80004015 0x8000FFFF 0x80010100
0x80010105 0x80010108 0x80040005
0x8004005 0x80040154 0x800401F3
0x800401FD 0x80040206 0x80040E21
0x80041201 0x80041205 0x800420CB
0x8004FE2D 0x8004FE33 0x8007000
0x80070001 0x80070002 0x80070003
0x80070005 0x80070006 0x80070008
0x8007000B 0x8007000D 0x8007000E
0x80070017 0x8007001F 0x80070020
0x80070032 0x80070050 0x80070052
0x80070057 0x80070070 0x8007007A
0x8007007B 0x8007007E 0x8007007F
0x80070080 0x800700A1 0x800700B6
0x800700C1 0x800700E7 0x80070103
0x8007010B 0x800701E7 0x800703E3
0x800703E5 0x800703E6 0x800703E7
0x800703EB 0x800703ED 0x800703F0
0x8007041D 0x8007041E 0x8007041F
0x80070422 0x80070424 0x80070426
0x8007042B 0x8007042C 0x80070433
0x80070437 0x8007043B 0x8007045A
0x8007045B0x80070490 0x800704C7
0x800704DD 0x80070502 0x80070570
0x8007057F 0x8007058D 0x800705AA
0x800705AD 0x800705AF 0x800705B4
0x80070643 0x80070652 0x8007066A
0x800706A6 0x800706B5 0x800706BA
0x800706BB 80004004 80040154
80040241 80040255 80041002
80070037 80070716